Three Family Walks in West Sussex

West Sussex is home to some of the most picturesque outdoor spaces in the UK. From tranquil woodlands to rolling hills and stunning coastlines, there's no shortage of idyllic places to take your family and capture the imagination of your children. Growing up in Chichester, some of my fondest memories are of days spent exploring the woods and fields around my home, and taking photos on long walks with my family. I really believe nature connects with children, and brings out a sense of wonder, reflection, and a connection to the environment that stays with us our entire life.

As a Sussex Family Photographer, I'm always on the lookout for beautiful locations to take my clients. In this blog post, I wanted to share with you three of my favourite outdoor walks in West Sussex which I regularly take my families. These are places I've spent many hours with my own family, and I hope that they'll inspire you to get out yourself and enjoy the beauty of West Sussex!



Located just North East of Chichester, this colourful beech woodland has a variety of paths and trails to explore. The Roman road Stane Street runs through the wood, bringing a historic element to the area. It's a great spot for seeing butterflies, and if you visit in season you'll discover bluebells. There's a car park for easy access and picnic tables right by the entrance to the wood, making it a great outdoor spot for lunch!

Smiling Mum, Dad, and 2 year old girl on a woodland path in West Sussex surrounded by green trees for family photo shoot

The beautiful light and green beech trees of Eartham Woods make it the perfect location for a family photo shoot

Smiling Mum, Dad, and 2 year old girl on a woodland path in West Sussex surrounded by green trees for family photo shoot

The ancient Roman road Stane Street runs through the woodland towards Chichester

Smiling Mum, Dad, and 2 year old girl on a woodland path in West Sussex surrounded by green trees for family photo shoot

The many trails of this West Sussex woodland make it the perfect spot for family walks



An Iron Age hillfort right next to Goodwood Racecourse, The Trundle offers panoramic views of Chichester and the surrounding countryside, all the way to the English Channel. Accessible via the Triangle car park or the Trundle car park at. the top of Chalk Pit Lane, this popular spot has marked paths up the hill or walks through nearby fields including colourful poppy fields. A pop-up coffee and ice cream truck often sits at the bottom of the hill, providing refreshments for adults and children. The walk up the hill isn't strenuous so is suitable for families of all ages. It also makes for a great sunset spot!

Smiling older couple hold hands in field overlooking views of Chichester, West Sussex, on a family photo shoot

The stunning views from the Trundle overlook Chichester and the surrounding Sussex countryside

The fields at the Trundle provide the perfect spot to sit and watch the sunset with loved ones

Smiling older couple link arms on a trail leading up Trundle hill, in Chichester, West Sussex, for a family photo shoot

The chalk trail up the Trundle runs direct from the car park up to the top of the hill, for even more stunning views of Chichester, Goodwood Racecourse, and the West Sussex countryside



There are many beautiful walks around Goodwood, but one of my favourites is Counters Gate, which sits just off the road right next to Goodwood Racecourse. There's a small car park which sits beside a meadow and neighbouring patch of forest. In summer the meadow turns golden and the trees are green, and in the autumn the whole area is an explosion of colour, with orange leaves blanketing the floor of the woodland. The trails around the area are simple and it's easy to turn back when the kids get tired as you're never too far from the car park. The area isn't huge, so if you have young children it makes for a beautiful and relaxed family walk, whatever the season. As a family photographer in West Sussex, it's my favourite location for photographing local families in Chichester!

Family of four, mum, dad, two young boys, play on a rope swing in an autumn Sussex woodland, for a family photo shoot

A communal rope swing can be found near the entrance to the woods at Counters Gate

Outside the woodland next to the car park is a meadow that turns golden in the summer

Mum and young son walk down a trail in an autumn Sussex woodland, for a family photo shoot

The trails through the woods are simple and close to the car park, making it the perfect place for a family walk if you have young children who get tired easily

Exploring the beautiful outdoor walks in West Sussex is a gateway to unforgettable family moments and a deeper connection with nature. From the picturesque landscapes of the Trundle to the hidden gems like Eartham Woods and Counters Gate, each location offers a unique experience, especially for young children.

As a family photographer, I am lucky enough to have these breathtaking landscapes as my backdrop for capturing genuine joy and connection during my Family Photo Sessions. Whether you're seeking a leisurely stroll, or a peaceful picnic spot, West Sussex has it all. So, grab your loved ones, lace up your shoes, and let the magic of West Sussex's outdoor walks create lasting memories that you can cherish for years to come!

Peter Flude
Flude Foto - Sussex Family Photographer

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